Design Against Fur 2010

daf2010logoDesign Against Fur 2010, the latest installment of what has become an annual design competition sponsored by the Fur Free Alliance, is now accepting submissions. While I’m ordinarily not a proponent of design competitions, I believe this event to be worthwhile and well-structured. Please note that it is open only to students, and is organized into four regions.

As a compassionate designer, you can make a real difference for millions of animals, and we invite you to participate in this important design competition with a conscience.

Design a creative, compelling poster or animation that delivers the compassionate message that the wearing of fur is cruel and unnecessary. We want the modern world to celebrate all animals and not victimize them by killing them to wear their skins – and we want you to help us make that happen.

Your work will be evaluated by design and marketing experts, and potentially used in national and international campaigns to end the cruel fur trade. There are cash prizes and all winners and commended students will receive certificates for their portfolios. Winning work will be promoted on a range of national and international sites, in exhibitions and online galleries.An excerpt from the Competition Brief

Never underestimate the power of a planted seed: