Ten Tips for Effective Text Links

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Summary: Text links within web and email copy should be brief, yet informative enough to stand alone and establish expectations, and should be placed with an understanding that many users will be scanning text.

In this article, we’ll discuss how to avoid “click here” and other common text link mistakes, provide tips for improving engagement and the rationale behind their use, and provide some examples of ‘do’s’ and ‘don’ts’. [continue reading]

The effect of logo placement on brand recall and website navigation

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We’ve all become accustomed to websites displaying a logo in the top left corner of every page. So, it’s easy to understand why an eager organization might consider bucking the norm in an effort to create a more unique visual experience for its website users. However, before heading in that direction, it’s important to know exactly what you’re sacrificing. [continue reading]

Simple pleasures in New England nature

For readers in the U.S., we hope you’re enjoying a wonderful spring so far, and finding time to get outdoors and enjoy the warmer weather. As you’re surely aware, April 22 is Earth Day, a perfect time to remind ourselves of the the many simple pleasures that nature has to offer, particularly here in New England.

In that spirit, we’d like to share a little gift with you, [continue reading]

Free Recycling Line Art

Recycling Line Art banner

Years ago, Sproutreach began a partnership with our local recycling program, assisting with public outreach & education efforts surrounding the city’s single-stream, curbside collection program. In the early days of that effort, we created a set of line drawings, depicting what materials are accepted for recycling.

Today, in celebration of America Recycles Day, we’re sharing all those illustrations with anyone who can use them. [continue reading]