Sproutreach strives to provide strategic, creative visual communication services to socially and environmentally responsible organizations and help them connect with their audiences more effectively.

Guiding Principles

We resolve to vigorously pursue our mission with a keen eye for the needs and goals of our clients, and develop solutions with a unique blend of strategy and creativity.

As we carry out our day-to-day activities, we resolve to always treat our clients, ourselves and our craft with respect and professionalism, and to provide products and services that reflect our commitment. We pledge to approach every day as an opportunity to learn, grow, apply our passion, and have fun!

Primary Goals & Objectives

  • Deliver services that meet our clients’ communication needs and exceed their expectations.
  • Develop products that effectively communicate concise, memorable, audience-specific messages for our clients.
  • Maintain the trust and confidence of our clients by consistently delivering services with skill and professionalism.
  • Build productive relationships with other service providers that help us better serve our clients’ needs, while maintaining the flexibility, personal attention, and affordability found in a small, independent agency.
  • Maximize opportunities for our work to foster positive social, cultural, and environmental change.
  • Have fun and enjoy our work!


Sproutreach was founded by the husband & wife team of Rob and Lisa Gough in 2005. At that time, Rob had been working for 12 years in the field of environmental education and advocacy, and Lisa as an elementary school teacher. During those experiences, they encountered many wonderful organizations creating positive change in the world, but whose efforts were being hindered by ineffective visual communications. Sproutreach was formed to meet these needs by providing such organizations with top-notch, affordable solutions that blend strategic thinking, creativity, and modern technologies.

In the years since then, we’ve focused our efforts primarily on serving the needs of environmentally and socially progressive organizations. We’re grateful for these opportunities to aid the efforts of those whose work improves our world.

We’re proud to contribute to the successes of our clients by visually conveying their messages using thoughtful, clear and unique design. In doing so, we’ve earned an excellent reputation, and more importantly, our clients’ trust and respect.

Core Team

Rob Gough photo

Rob Gough

Lisa Gough

Lisa Gough
Communications Specialist