Calling for an end to the BS

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Brad Frost, front-end designer, consultant, and creator of This Is Responsive, recently gave a presentation for Creative Mornings in Pittsburgh that demands to be shared. In this talk, entitled “Death to Bullsh*t,” Brad mixes startling statistics, humor, honesty and passion as he makes the case for creative professionals to dedicate themselves to generating signal, rather than noise, by focusing on content and craft throughout their work. (more…)

Some uncovered notes on logo design

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While cleaning out a desk recently, I uncovered this scrap of paper containing some notes I made on my approach to the process of designing logos. I don’t know how old it is, but it still looks accurate, so I thought I’d share it. (more…)

Logos as receptacles for meaning

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Think for a moment about the logos or brand marks to which you have the strongest connections. It’s likely that those attachments have grown over time. Your experiences with the product or service have shaped and colored your interpretation of the logo—a visual symbol of that brand. In this way, the logo serves as a receptacle for the meanings and memories that you’ve given it over time. The logo functions as a visual cue for recollections of these experiences, whether good or bad. (more…)

Periodic Table of SEO Ranking Factors

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There is no shortage of information (and misinformation) on the subject of search engine optimization (SEO) these days. Yet every once in a while something cuts through the clutter. Such is the case with the Periodic Table of SEO Ranking Factors, created by the folks at Search Engine Land. It presents some great SEO truths and debunks some common myths, all displayed in a way that appeals to my inner science nerd. (more…)

Page layout and Google ranking

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If you’ve ever visited a website only to be frustrated by having to scroll through a slew of graphics, flash, ads or other stuff in order to get to the content you were after, Google feels your pain…and has recently revised its ranking algorithm accordingly.

Google’s algorithm will now look at the layout of a webpage and the amount of content visitors see “above the fold” upon first arrival at the page. That information will now be factored into the ranking of search results. (more…)