Hello single-stream, goodbye excuses

HR logoRecycling recently (finally) got a lot easier for residents of Haverhill, MA. Effective July 5, 2010, residents no longer need to separate paper & cardboard from glass, plastics, and metal. Instead, all recyclables can simply be thrown in the same container, then placed at the curbside for collection every other week.

No more sorting, no more Saturday trips to the Recycling Center, no more excuses!

recycling outreach packet

Sproutreach is pleased to have played a part in this exciting new program by creating the outreach materials recently mailed to city residents. Each of the city’s nearly 30,000 households was issued a packet containing a tri-fold brochure with the program’s guidelines and a tear-off collection schedule, a large sticker to label a recycling container, and a letter from the Mayor.

HaverhillRecycles.org screenshotOur studio also created a website for the program, HaverhillRecycles.org. The site is designed to serve as an online guide to the program, a collection calendar, a resource for additional information, and a place for community feedback and interaction.

The new logo we designed for Haverhill Recycling, shown above, was donated to the project as an expression of our support for this important local initiative.

The website, as well as the printed outreach materials, were all funded by Team Haverhill —the driving force behind this expanded recycling initiative. Team Haverhill is an independent, volunteer action group dedicated to making Haverhill a better place to live, learn, work and play.

Never underestimate the power of a planted seed: