Winter Window Card

Getting around to sharing this one a little late, but here’s another snow-inspired piece we created recently — our “Winter Window” holiday card.

Winter Window pop-up card

Printed on recycled 67lb Cover, using two sheets affixed with adhesive to create the pop-up window effect. This card is a sequel to last year’s card, also a pop-up featuring the cardinal and a snowy pine.

Never underestimate the power of a planted seed:



Rob Gough


Thanks for your interest. These cards were never offered for sale, as we created them as greetings sent exclusively to our list of clients here at Sproutreach. The inside reads “Wishing you a joyous season and wonderful year ahead, filled with life’s simple pleasures” [line break] “From your friends at Sproutreach”. However, if you’re really interested, we could always print/assemble some more for you, minus the “from your friends…” bit of course. If so, just shoot me an email with the details and we could work out a fair price.


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