Harvesting the colors of autumn

From pocket to palette in 4 simple steps

In my work as a designer, I often turn to nature in search of a little inspiration. Sometimes, when I’m really lucky, nature comes right to me with her ideas.

Such was the case this morning as Lisa and I shared our morning coffee on the deck. At my feet was a small assortment of leaves, having fallen a bit early this year as a result of below average rainfall. I grabbed a few that caught my eye and later performed the following simple steps to create a fall color palette:

Autumn maple color palette

  1. Lay the selected leaves on a flatbed scanner and scan them into Photoshop (Illustrator would work equally well)
  2. Create a set of five containers (in this case squares) beneath the image
  3. Select 5 colors (using eyedropper tool) directly from the leaves that you feel go well together, filling each square with one color.
  4. Record the color values and gave the new palette a name you’ll easily remember later.


Never underestimate the power of a planted seed:




The color palette you have created are so precise for autumn! I was looking for something similar to create a logo for a foodie event I may be having in my blog, and this is perfect – may I use it after citing your blog?

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